David Duke Denies Protocols Were Written by Jews


David Duke with an Apefrican called "Tommy Sotomayor"

Trump IS the Swamp


Stefan Molyneux is Jewish - no more denials please!

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Andrew Anglin on Iconoclast Radio Promoting Race-mixing and Destruction of Whites in 2012


This is from an appearance by Andrew Anglin on a Talkshoe program called Iconoclast with a host named Paul Ironshore, in 2012.

The dailystormer.com domain name was registered March 20th, 2013.

The Iconoclast page on Talkshoe is evidently disabled. The Iconoclastradio.com website is now defunct. Andrew Anglin has claimed having bought the rights to this podcast, but that is bullshit because all Talkshoe recordings are made under Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike license which by its own terms, cannot be changed after publication. As of February 21st, 2017 the podcast is still available at Talkshoe http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-80448/TS-584272.mp3

After the 3-minute mark Andrew Anglin is heard to say "Mixed races will be a positive progression for everyone ... I think the White race should be bred out..."

Hitler Understood True Christianity

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Genome-Wide Diversity in the Levant Reveals Recent Structuring by Culture

PDF File: 

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Article Source: Genome-Wide Diversity in the Levant Reveals Recent Structuring by Culture
Haber M, Gauguier D, Youhanna S, Patterson N, Moorjani P, et al. (2013) Genome-Wide Diversity in the Levant Reveals Recent Structuring by Culture. PLOS Genetics 9(2): e1003316. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003316

While we do not require articles such as this to prove our position at Christogenea on the history of the Levant or the Near East, this particular article does help to show that our thesis has academic support in certain fields.

The author's own summary, found in the report above, describes our interest:

 Author Summary

Population stratification caused by nonrandom mating between groups of the same species is often due to geographical distances leading to physical separation followed by genetic drift of allele frequencies in each group. In humans, population structures are also often driven by geographical barriers or distances; however, humans might also be structured by abstract factors such as culture, a consequence of their reasoning and self-awareness. Religion in particular, is one of the unusual conceptual factors that can drive human population structures. This study explores the Levant, a region flanked by the Middle East and Europe, where individual and population relationships are still strongly influenced by religion. We show that religious affiliation had a strong impact on the genomes of the Levantines. In particular, conversion of the region’s populations to Islam appears to have introduced major rearrangements in populations’ relations through admixture with culturally similar but geographically remote populations, leading to genetic similarities between remarkably distant populations like Jordanians, Moroccans, and Yemenis. Conversely, other populations, like Christians and Druze, became genetically isolated in the new cultural environment. We reconstructed the genetic structure of the Levantines and found that a pre-Islamic expansion Levant was more genetically similar to Europeans than to Middle Easterners.

It is our opinion that genetic scientists do not really know much of what they are talking about in these areas, since they too often assume that current populations represent ancient populations, and usually ignore or do not even seek to understand the historically recorded migrations of the various peoples. But at least here they admit that the Islamic conquest of the Levant changed the population significantly, introducing a high degree of African admixture, and that originally the population was much closer to the characteristics of European populations.

What must be added are the facts that most of the true Levantine population has been mixed White with Canaanite over the last 2,500 years, that European Whites descend mostly from Whites who passed through the region from circa 3,500 to 500 BC, and that the characteristics of southern Europeans have also changed with the ongoing Islamic conquests in those areas, significant genetic admixtures having been introduced by both Turks and Arabs.

Mike Enoch Admits he is a Jew - with Prothink commentary

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Christogenea Matthew 15:26 Promo Video

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What is the Alt-Right? Jared Taylor Exposes Himself as a Shill for the Jews

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White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance


Camp of the Saints Revisited


Unity and Divisions

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MSNBC invited the head of the NAACP to discuss racism and the Trump campaign, so they play a fried chicken ad in a subliminal racist taunt

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How is this not an act of racism? MSNBC invites the head of the NAACP to discuss charges of racism against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Then they "accidentally" play a fried chicken advertisement in place of a clip from a Hillary Clinton speech that they had planned to play in advance? We cannot accept that this was an accident at all. Rather, MSNBC itself made a subliminal racist jab in the face of the NAACP director.

Not that we mind, LOL, they should have had a plate of grits at hand as well as some watermelon.

Barney Miller on the Cutting Edge of the Great Jewish Conspiracy


What Black Lives Matter?


This is a "Black Lives Matter" protest in Portland, Maine. But nearly every single one of the protestors is White! We can only ask whether they even really know what they are protesting.... how many of these fools have ever been to a major metropolitan area that has a significant negro population?


Former federal judge says FBI transcript says nobody died in Orlando until swat team arrived.


Originally from LiveLeak.com

Who Controls Hollywood?


America Deserves to Suffer - William Pierce

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Who's Your Daddy? Apefrican Niglets Know!

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And if you think this is only child's play, even the mothers sometimes admit the truth of the matter.


RamzPaul is a Jew



Some apologists for RamzPaul think he is only trolling, or joking here. But who would make such an admission of Jewish ancestry and dismiss it as a joke, unless it were true? RamzPaul has admitted that his mother is a Jewess, by her DNA haplogroup. Jared Taylor and the Council of Conservative Citizens are all quite Kosher anyway, so RamzPaul's confession that he is Jewish cannot really matter to them. But here he comes out of the closet and admits both his Jewish heritage, and his enmity for White Nationalism.

Here RamzPaul candidly talks about some of the reasons for his issues with the Daily Stormer. Because of those issues, RamzPaul basically admits having a contempt for White Nationalism. But consider this. While the Daily Stormer is a popular White Nationalist website, the Stormer by itself is not "White Nationalism". It is only one White Nationalist website.

White Nationalism is a concept which has been around for many decades before the Daily Stormer came along, and there are many White Nationalists and organizations that have long existed apart from the Stormer, and continue to do so.  If RamzPaul had issues with the Daily Stormer, he would only have flipped off the Daily Stormer, or perhaps its founder, Andrew Anglin.

So with this something else becomes clear: RamzPaul actually has issues with Whites. By flipping off White Nationalists, and admitting his own Jewish ancestry, RamzPaul is really admitting an enmity for Whites in general, and not only those at the Daily Stormer. RamzPaul is just another infiltrating Jew looking to control the conservative dialogue and pull Whites into a rabbit hole safe for the Jews. The Daily Stormer actually baited RamzPaul to come out of the closet, and he did. So we thank them for that.

Obama Calls African Americans Mongrels on The View



This proves that Obama is a racist. If one recognizes that there are people who are mongrels, one must be a racist!

Lavoy Finicum Murdered by Government Thugs


Why "They" Attack White People