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This is a semi-private website. If you can find it, you can see it. If it is going to offend you, then you should leave, since no one here is trying to make you look. One purpose of this site is for Christogenea Forum members to store and share information that is not always easy to present or store and retrieve from the Forum itself. Another is to post things that we want to save and share, but which really have no place at the main website.


See why "Pajeets", the "people" of India, deserve the reputation they have as being filthy beasts, and the many memes and slurs which represent them in that manner. They are all true! This video is courtesy of Pajeets Exposed.

Raw Freemasonry Footage from Kyle Undercover

This video shows Freemasons going through their rituals. Freemasonry is essentially International Jewry's method of subordinating and controlling ambitious goyim, especially White Christians, and redirecting their efforts to the benefit of Jewry. 

This footage is from Kyle Undercover on Twitter/X. He also has many interesting things concerning Bohemian Grove and other perversions of the corrupt "elites".