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A Brief Conversation with Matthew Scott Senge

I do not know, or perhaps I only forgot, who took this snippet and put it into video format. This is April, 2013 and I was invited to be interview by a friend who had a podcast, named David Baillie. The entire recording is found here: William Finck on Alba Voce with David Baillie.  

At the end of the podcast, when the question was first asked, David had said there was less that a minute left.  So I answered Senge's question accordingly. But, as I only learned later, David had lost his connection, and I was left alone with Senge for about 8 minutes. My own connection dropped before that of Senge, so he got the last word, otherwise I would not have let him have it. but that is okay, I made my point. 

But no, I would never give Jerry Springer, or any of his ilk, the time of day. 


See why "Pajeets", the "people" of India, deserve the reputation they have as being filthy beasts, and the many memes and slurs which represent them in that manner. They are all true! This video is courtesy of Pajeets Exposed.