Andrew Anglin on Iconoclast Radio Promoting Race-mixing and Destruction of Whites in 2012


This is from an appearance by Andrew Anglin on a Talkshoe program called Iconoclast with a host named Paul Ironshore, in 2012.

The domain name was registered March 20th, 2013.

The Iconoclast page on Talkshoe is evidently disabled. The website is now defunct. Andrew Anglin has claimed having bought the rights to this podcast, but that is bullshit because all Talkshoe recordings are made under Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike license which by its own terms, cannot be changed after publication. As of February 21st, 2017 the podcast is still available at Talkshoe

After the 3-minute mark Andrew Anglin is heard to say "Mixed races will be a positive progression for everyone ... I think the White race should be bred out..."

If it Looks Like a Monkey...

Newscaster_is_a_Monkey.mp4 — Downloaded 30 times


This newscaster caused a stir when she compared her colleague to an ape which they had reported on. She herself is part monkey, and probably doesn't know it, but we have to admit that she certainly is observant, even though she got in trouble for being candid about her observations.

The Church that Loves Sodomites

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This is from the so-called First United Methodist Church of Austin, Texas, on August 23rd, 2015. Without doubt, Sodomy is a sin. Men that pray together are expressly told in the Word of God not to lay together. This is why American churches need to be punished. This is why they are deserving of the plagues which are coming upon them. This is why Whites are being replaced by beasts in their own lands. Look at these supposed Christians in this church, as they are all gleeful that these Sodomites are going to get "married", all of them from the pastor down to the young children. We can only hope for fire from Heaven to put an end to this decadence.  

Why Don't We Murder More White People?

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This production was financed through the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) in downtown San Francisco. This non-profit is funded by the City of San Francisco, the National Endowment for the Arts, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and the James Irvine Foundation. From July 23 to August 25, 2019, YBCA screened Jonathan Garcia’s movie "Why Don’t We Murder More White People?" Mr. Garcia produced his pro-genocide video as a year-long YBCA fellow, for which he got a $3000 stipend and a $1200 honorarium. YBCA identifies him as: “Community Engagement & Inclusion Associate, Chief-of-Staff of the SOCIAL CLUB, author.”

In large part, this is White people tax dollars at work!

This video is posted here at Christogenea citing Fair Use, for the purpose of education and critical reeview by members of the Christogenea Forum.

Driver runs into crowd of "Jewish protestors"

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Who is protesting ICE detention centers? Jews! Here ABC's Eyewitness News describes crowd of ICE detention center protestors in New England as a crowd of "Jewish protestors". Just another testimony that it certainly is Satan that is gathering all nations against the Camp of the Saints.

We have no doubt that soon the driver will be likened to a guard at Auschwitz and crucified as the Jews cry out about another Holocaust.

Original video from ABC News: Driver plows truck into immigration protesters stored here for educational purposes under Fair Use.

Bill Clinton Speaks Out Against Illegal Immigration

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What happened to Democrats in 25 years, that suddenly they began acting like Republicans?

Break the Sword, Louis Beam

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I Don't Like Spiders, Snakes, or Pedophilia


This Dolly Parton skit with Jim Stafford certainly seems to be encouraging, or at least normalizing, pedophilia. First he says "you're just a girl", and later he wants to shove things down her dress. Other suggestions are even more provocative.

Liberal Egalitarianism Explained in Under Six Minutes

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We have long thought that Liberals suffer a mental disorder, as that is the only rational explanation for their embrace of aliens and their insistence on introducing racially and culturally disparate people into a society with which they have no common heritage, morals, or values, and then and commingling with them. Now there is proof.

Jews Mocked at Carnival in Aalst, Belgium



So some Belgians parody Jews at their annual Carnival, and the Jews are going nuts decrying the caricature. But how is this worse than the tripe which Jews in Hollywood and elsewhere have produced for years parodying Germans? Have they never heard of television shows such as Hogan's Heroes? In fact, most of the material put out by Jewish moviemakers portrays Whites in denigrating ways.

Even the mayor of Aalst defended the event, which took place the first weekend in March. The display was titled “Shabbat Year” and was accompanied with a festive song. Here is a portion:

Some of the reactions:


White Man Cannot Win Dindu Dialectics

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You cannot reason with a sheboon, or with any Dindu. They do not understand humility, logic, and lack those and other attributes generally found in Whites, and Whites should not even attempt to project their own values and qualities onto these beasts.

But when these beasts are counted as people, they acquire the protections and status which only people deserve, and the White man is bound to suffer for it at the hands of his own society.

Here David Steven Bell, a working man and a father of two, probably bought himself a year or so in the slammer by trying to reason with a gaggle of sheboons.

Lyin' Ryan "I AM" (a POS) Brennan blasphemes Yahweh

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CLICK HERE to see the rest of Brother "Lyin" Ryan's wonderfully informative videos.

Meanwhile in a quaint New England town...

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Typically liberal Yankees getting a good dose of cultural enrichment.

Richard Spencer is Controlled Opposition


It is something that we have always known, but the gentleman who put this video together demonstrates and proves it very well.

A Pony Fetish Festival?

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We readily venture to assert that this is the result of perhaps the first generation of raising children on television. Mix some Transformers with My Little Pony, subtract the reality of playing outside or learning family crafts, and this is the end product: sick and disgusting filth in a know-nothing, do-nothing society whose members have forsaken children, family and real culture to live in a continual fantasy.

Who's Tough on Immigration?

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As Trump sells his constituency down the Rio Grande, we remember the rhetoric of the 1990's...

Are Trump Fans Retarded?

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Who's Financing Donald Trump?

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When we were Blackshirts - Sir Oswald Mosley & the British Union of Fascists


We fight for freedom and for bread, Hallelujah for the Blackshirts.

From You Kipper's YouTube channel

Was the Parkland School Shooting a False Flag?


So there was a drill at the school the day of the shooting? And were the drill circumstances then used to purposely convince gullible young students that a real shooting then occurred? Why do so many of these alleged school shootings seem to occur at the same time that drills are orchestrated by law enforcement, either in the vicinity or right at the shooting location itself? We are convinced that the rash of recent school shootings are only a psy-op being carried out to pare down the resolve of Americans to defend their basic rights.

Radical Professor Openly Teaches Anti-White Racism

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The so-called professor, Albert Ponce, is a member of the Political Science department on the faculty of the appropriately-named Diablo Valley College, at its Pleasant Hills campus.

Here he rails against the very system which he earns his living from, acting as a diabolical parasite on the body of White Christian America. As he does so, he blatantly lies about history in order to support his anti-White agenda.

His "work" has gotten positive exposure in the Leftist press, and is especially promoted by the Marxist and publicly funded parasitical ageny National Public Radio (NPR)

We are pleased that so many of these beasts are coming out from under the gutters to express their true feelings. This brings us closer to the day when we can eliminate them completely, something which our ancestors should have done, and failed.

See more at the Facebook page Film Your Marxist Professor.

Racist Chinese Museum Openly Exhibits Negroes as Animals


Christian Cucks on Vacation

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Zach Ruff Abusing Haines Teenagers Outside of STEM Academy


There is a thread offering explanatory and follow-up information at the Christogenea Forum:

Sodomite School Principal Declares Himself To Be AntiChrist

Calvinism and Arminianism, September 11th 2015 Excerpt


This snippet is from a Topical Discussion program I did here:

Organized Trolls for Satan - The Devil's Hasbara App

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