Christogenea Bible Study - March 23/23 - Ezekiel 44,45,46,47,48

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Christogenea Bible Study - March 15/23 - Ezekiel 40,41,42,43

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Inverts Reality

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Here Arnold brags about the iron bars he resisted. But his pain was only for his own fame and glory, and in that endeavor he has never really resisted anything but an iron bar. Perhaps nobody ever took his ass, but instead, he gave it up willingly. Arnold is a sell-out who has loved the world and its rewards, and by those same rewards he counts victory and success. So now he seeks to defend the system and the devils who rewarded him, and betrays the fact that the devil is his master. In reality, he is a complete failure who never resisted evil. Here Arnold also despises the struggles of his own fathers, and in the end, his own fathers will despise him.

The way of the weak is to love the world and go along with it in order to reap its worldly rewards. That is Arnold's way. The true way of strength is to love God, to keep His commandments, to love and defend one's own people, to honor one's father in spite of success or failure, and to resist the devil. Arnold looks, sounds and acts tough, but he is really just a vain fop and a marshmallow. We can only wonder how Conan the Geriatric is going to be compensated for his new role as Shabbos Goy.

[Video from Youtube]

Rachel Maddow Kvetching over Perceived Rise in "Antisemitism"

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Here the livid lesbian sees a "neonazi" rally in Ohio and a book banned from one county's schools in Florida as some sort of national antisemitic trend. The real question is, why are jews so paranoid? Is it because criminals should be afraid of being called to account for their crimes?

Jews preach "antiracism", "equality" and "love" only so that they can rule over and destroy Whites while living in their own depravity. [Maddow video found on Youtube.]

The Slippery Slope

Gary Hargreaves Compulsory Sodomy.mp4 — Downloaded 313 times


Gary Hargreaves and Compulsory Sodomy. Don't laugh, it's what happened in Sodom, Genesis 19:4!

100 Proofs the Israelites were White eBook

PDF File: 

100 Proofs Book 1-10.pdf — Downloaded 919 times


This eBook is our 100 Proofs the Israelites were White and is currently completed through Part 10. It shall be updated periodically as new parts become available, until it is finished.


Welcome to 100 Proofs the Israelites were white! What follows is a list of 100 Proofs in short essay form that proves that the ancient Israelites were white. It is my sincerest hope and prayer that our people will come to the realization of this great truth. The truth that not only were the Israelites white but that we, the European people, are the only real and only true descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the twelve tribes of Israel. The Bible from beginning to end is about the history of our race, as are all the many prophecies. Praise Yahweh, hail Christ, all glory to Him.  - Truthvids

Christogenea Bible Study - March 8/23 - Ezekiel 37,38,39

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Flat Earth Fucktards - Lunatics Unleashed!


Flat Earth Masonica Ѫ Origins, Part 2

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Flat Earth Masonica Ѫ Origins, Part 1

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Christogenea Bible Study - March 1/23 - Ezekiel 34,35,36

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100 Proofs the Israelites were White, Short Version, Parts 71-80

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Christogenea Bible Study - February 22/23 - Ezekiel 33

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Christogenea Bible Study - February 15/23 - Ezekiel 29,30,31,32

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Christogenea Bible Study - February 8/23 - Ezekiel 25,26,27,28

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Christogenea Bible Study - February 1/23 - Ezekiel 22,23,24

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Christogenea Bible Study - January 25/23 - Ezekiel 20,21

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Christogenea Bible Study - January 18/23 - Ezekiel 17,18,19

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Christogenea Bible Study - January 11/23 - Ezekiel 13,14,15,16

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Christogenea Bible Study - January 4/23 - Ezekiel 11,12

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100 Proofs the Israelites were White, Short Version, Parts 61-70

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100 Proofs the Israelites were White, Short Version, Parts 51-60

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Aussie doctor Phillip Altmann blows whistle on entire Covid scamdemic



Dr Phillip Altmann exposes the entire Australian medical/political nexus. He warns against so-called covid mRNA vaxx and puts the political party duopoly right in his sights. Without doubt the best homespun doco we have seen from a highly qualified doctor who deserves a medal.

From Cairns news

Christogenea Bible Study - December 28/22 - Ezekiel 8,9,10

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Christogenea Bible Study - December 21/22 - Ezekiel 4,5,6,7

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David Duke has best friends who are jewish


ADL's Greenblatt Admits Purposely Conspiring to Bankrupt Political Opponents



Jews do not favor "democracy" or "civil rights" Jews only favor attaining power for themselves, and preserving their own advantage once they attain power. Here Jonathan Greenblatt admits trampling upon the rights of other American citizens simply because they are political opponents of a Progressive agenda. The groups he mentions are not even "racist" or "antisemitic". To purposely bankrupt a political or social group is to deny the rights to free speech and assmbly to the members of that group. 

Billy Graham Explaining Jews to Richard Nixon, Almost



This is not quite right, as there is only one group of "Jews", the Edomite bastards who rejected Christ. The true Israelites of the tribe of Judah had accepted Christ, and lost their identity as Jews 2,000 years ago.

John 10:26-27: "26 But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:"

Romans 10:12: "Romans 10:12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him."

Revelation 2:9: "9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

Christogenea Bible Study - December 14/22 - Ezekiel 1,2,3

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