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Christogenea Bible Study - February 14/23 - Wisdom of Solomon 19

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Christogenea Bible Study - February 7/24 - Wisdom of Solomon 17,18

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Origin of the Jews, Part 2 - Christ on the Jews and their Lies

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Part 2 of a series being created by some of our friends at Christogenea. Download the video here. Is our server slow? This video will also be mirrored at William Finck's Bitchute channel. Archivists: the resolution is better at Christogenea, where it is 1920x1080. Reposting is encouraged! Mentioning Christogenea is appreciated!

Christogenea Bible Study - January 31/23 - Wisdom of Solomon 15,16

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Christogenea Bible Study - January 24/24 - Wisdom of Solomon 14

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Christogenea Bible Study - January 17/24 - Wisdom of Solomon 12,13

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Christogenea Bible Study - January 10/24 - Wisdom of Solomon 9,10,11

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Jewish Tunnel Tales

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So a famous Chabad Lubavitch synagogue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn in New York City was the recent site of a dispute over an illegal tunnel. Evidently, a tunnel was dug from the synagogue into the area of a women's mikvah (ritual bath) in a nearby building. What happened there is not difficult to imagine. But somehow, we are not at all surprised by this discovery. The basements of all synagogues should be inspected. Especially when goyim children go missing.   

Click here for more videos, memes and other materials!

Welcome to the Gayborhood

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Judaism and the Christian World

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A discussion on Judaism and the Talmud by Jack Mohr (center), Pete Peters (left) and Earl Jones (right)..

Niggers and Spics Calling to "End White People"

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Christogenea Bible Study - January 2/24 - Wisdom of Solomon 7,8

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White Hunter Black Heart [Jews Scene]



Clint Eastwood defends Jews in this 1990 movie, and the heroine of the story runs off to her room alone.

Finck on the Talmud, Pedophilia, and the Implications for Jews Today (Explicit)

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Dasho on Australia

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Circa 1960's Race Relations Propaganda - We've Got to Celebrate Our Differences

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Charismatic “Christianity” Exposed



While the theological perspective reflects traditional judeo-Christianity, this is a fair and objective exposure of modern charismatic churches, and the frauds and hucksters who enrich themselves by taking advantage of millions of fools.

Christogenea Bible Study - December 27/23 - Wisdom of Solomon 5,6

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Christogenea Bible Study - December 20/23 - Wisdom of Solomon 3,4

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Christogenea Bible Study - December 13/23 - Wisdom of Solomon 1,2

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Fake as Fuck Chinese Mars "Landing"


There are several problems we noticed about this "landing":

1) The shadow on the ground does not move nor change size as the craft approaches it at an angle.

2) The cameraman was already waiting for the arrival of the lander. How does that even happen?

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Christogenea Bible Study - December 6/23 - Malachi 4

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Christogenea Bible Study - November 29/23 - Malachi 2,3

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Jonathan Greenblatt Kvetching that Jews are Losing the Narrative Among Zoomers


Undaunted Englishman Confronts Alien Anarchists


They Live - 1988 - "Obey" Excerpt

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Vaccines Kill Children and Pharma Companies Have ZERO Responsibility


Christogenea Bible Study - November 22/23 - Malachi 1

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Christogenea Bible Study - November 15/23 - Zechariah 12,13,14

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Christogenea Bible Study - November 8/23 - Zechariah 10,11

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The moment Matt Petgrave kills Adam Johnson - The Fact vs. the Spin

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Discussion at the Christogenea Forum. Click HERE for more.

Origin of the Jews, Part 1

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Created by some of our friends at Christogenea. Download the video here. Is our server slow? This video is mirrored at William Finck's Bitchute channel. Archivists: the resolution is better at Christogenea, where it is 1920x1080. Reposting is encouraged! Mentioning Christogenea is appreciated!

Christogenea Bible Study - November 1/23 - Zechariah 9

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Christogenea Bible Study - October 25/23 - Zechariah 6,7,8

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Christogenea Bible Study - October 18/23 - Zechariah 3,4,5

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Jonathan Greenblatt "Antizionism is genocide"

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From Daniel Concannon on Gab, @KeepNHGranite:

The CEO of White Genocide - a man who recoils in horror at the mere notion of White collective interest - insists that any opposition to Jewish nationalism (Zionism) is...


This is the same man who:

~ Opposes the existence of White people
~ Would be apoplectic at the proposal of a White state
~ Would call the existence of a White state "genocide"
~ Calls White Genocide and the Great Replacement "conspiracy theories"
~ Says 'It's Okay To Be White' and 'White Lives Matter' are "hate speech"

You can call it hypocrisy, you can call it chutzpah - but for him it's his life's work. He doesn't simply "advocate Jewish interests" - he proactively spearheads the War On White People.

Jonathan Greenblatt isn't stupid - he's a professional liar eminently aware of exactly what he's doing.

Perhaps that's why every major news network continues warmly hosting this five-star Anti-White general and broadcasting his Nosferatu-looking face across civilization; mutual respect among professional liars.

Christogenea Bible Study -October 11/23 - Zechariah 1,2

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Christogenea Bible Study - October 4/23 - Zephaniah 3, Haggai 1,2

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The Nachash Origin of the Black and Mixed Races by C. Blancher Thompson

PDF File: 

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While we have taught the fact that the non-White, which are non-Adamic races, all have their origin along with the Jews in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, until we found this book we have never seen a similar assertion in the past, outside of some cryptic claims made by Wesley Swift. Here it is, in a volume published in 1860. While we do not agree with everything presented here, we do agree with that, and with much of it, for which it is certainly worth preserving.


A lower-resolution version, easier to download and quicker to load, is available here.

Christogenea Bible Study - September 27/23 - Zephaniah 1,2

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Christogenea Bible Study - September 20/23 - Habakkuk 1,2,3

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Christy Sheats 911 Recording

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This is a hispanic neighbor of Christy Sheats who called into 911 as Christy heroically slew her miscegenating daughters.

For the full story of Christy Sheats and the plight of her family, see the Christogenea Forum article Christy Sheats - Manic or Martyr? Christy is definitely a Christian martyr.

Christogenea Bible Study - September 13/23 - Nahum 1,2,3

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100 Proofs the Israelites were White, Short Version, Parts 91-100

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Christogenea Bible Study - September 6/23 - Micah 5,6,7

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Christogenea Bible Study - August 30/23 - Micah 3,4

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