Christogenea Bible Study-June 8/22- Isaiah 64,65,66

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Christogenea Bible Study - May 25/22 - Isaiah 60,61,62,63

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Christogenea Bible Study - May18/22 - Isaiah 57,58,59

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Christogenea Bible Study - May 11/22 - Isaiah 53,54,55,56

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Lunar Eclipse video May 15th, 2022 - by Saltwater Recon


Christogenea Bible Study - May 4/22 - Isaiah 50,51,52

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Christogenea Bible Study - April 27/22 - Isaiah 47,48,49

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Marian Strack and Early Opposition to the Kosher Tax

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Yes, the so-called Statue of Liberty was also stamped "Kosher" as soon as it was made. So now just about everything we eat is stamped "Kosher" and the rabbis are even thinking about extending their racket to as many non-food items as possible. For "kosher" approval, companies pay these rabbis large sums of money, extortion fees which are then passed on to all consumers.  

See The Kosher Question for more information, and a database of food products that are not "Kosher".

Christogenea Bible Study - April 20/22 - Isaiah 44,45,46

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Christogenea Bible Study - April 13/22 - Isaiah 41,42,43

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Christogenea Bible Study - April 6/22 - Isaiah 39,40

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Putin is no Friend of Whites or Nationalists

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Showtime Hates White People, and So Do Niggers

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Anti-White Media

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Every day in Social Media, in formal print mdia, and on radio and television, the world is saturated by anti-White propaganda.

Media2Rise - Terror in Waukesha


This is what controlled opposition looks like



So evidently this reporter asked an honest question, and Rittenhouse "bodyguards", who actually also seem to be controllers, would not even allow him to get an answer. Rittenhouse himself seems to have known not to answer.

BLM and TPUSA are both permitted, establishment-approved opposition to the ongoing narrative which is marching the nations towards global communism.

Obviously the reporter is not white, but that is not the point. Anyone else would have been treated the same way.


"Neo-Nazis" Shake up Sodomites at Seacoast Repertory Theater

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This Sodomite "works" as a drag queen at the Seacoast Repertory Theater, corrupting the children of New Hampshire. Evidently he is upset that there are still men and women who will stand up to such perversions. The National Socialist Club or #131 Crew / NSC 131 protested outside the theater on December 18th.

Evidently, the theater has been pushing the Sodomite agenda for years, as it was protested back in 2011 as it presented "'The Laramie Project,' a play about the 1998 hate crime beating death of openly gay Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyo." (

According to reliable historical sources, such as Tacitus in his Germania, not 2,000 years ago Sodomites were trampled face-down in the bogs of Central Europe. In the Hebrew Bible, it is demanded by God that they be stoned. In the Christian New Testament, it is warned that they shall never see the Kingdom of Heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9, 1 Timothy 1:10). 

Amongst men, Sodomites should never be found acceptable. It is inevitable that they will continue to multiply by corrupting our children. We will never approve of them and their perversions.We will never accept them in their sins.

Jews themselves Know that Jesus is Not a Jew

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There is a word, Ἰουδαϊσμός, which refers to Judaism, the religion of the Jews. But so far as we have found, in Biblical literature it is only found in 2 Maccabees, 2:21 and 14:38. The same word Ἰουδαϊσμός appears in Hellenistic Greek literature, as Greek writers described the customs and religion of Judaea under that blanket term.

From the King James Apocrypha:

2 Maccabees 2:21 And the manifest signs that came from heaven unto those that behaved themselves manfully to their honour for Judaism: so that, being but a few, they overcame the whole country, and chased barbarous multitudes...

2 Maccabees 14:38 For in the former times, when they mingled not themselves with the Gentiles, he had been accused of Judaism, and did boldly jeopard his body and life with all vehemency for the religion of the Jews.

But this "Professor Gray" character, a Jew himself, is correct that Jesus is not a Jew, but only a Judaean, and that "Judaism" was not used internally by Jews. He is also correct, that the religion of the temple in Jerusalem is not properly Judaism as it developed subsequent to 70 AD. For example, there was no chicken-twirling in ancient Israel!

We Wuz Kangz - Oy Vey Edition



It is not enough for Jews to claim they are Hebrews, Israelites, and the source of Christianity. Now they want to take full credit for the founding of all Western Society. Their lies become more and more audacious with every passing generation. See the video, and the atricle at the University of California at Santa Barbara titled Bernard-Henri Lévy Explains Judaism’s Role in the World [Screenshot]

Once everyone is a nigger, given the current pace of race-mixing, everyone would probably believe that. But there is a God. You lose. Jews.

Jews are also history's worst comedians. When we explain the Jewish influence behind the French and Bolshevik Revolutions, we are accused of Antisemitism. But we are not laughing.

It's as if the Jews can not understand that we really can see right through their attemtps to whitewash their treachery. Are they really that stupid? Or just that wickedly bold? We know the answer, and so did Adolf Hitler. See The Protocols of Satan at

Jewish Holodomor and Pillage of Soviet Goyim Before 1991 Takeover of USSR


Video courtesy of Iverology_Phd

This is a compilation of footage from an old news program "600 Seconds". They made local news reports around Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Before collapsing the USSR along with its Soviet goyim slaves, jews had to prepare the grounds. They had to make stupid goyim even more stupid. Drunk, starving and angry with the Soviet administration and system.

Jews worked the hardest less than 5 years before 1991 and on 2 major cities — St. Petersburg and Moscow.

By hoarding food for themselves and destroying it they made store lines and starved the Soviet goyim. Along with a new Holodomor, jews devised other methods for infuriating goyim. Like complications for goyim's food tickets making it harder to get any food for them. In Petersburg goyim with their food tickets were restricted to a single shop at their place of residence. Yet they often worked till late hours in other areas and didn't have time to stand in store lines to get any food before the shop closed or the food ran out. Then they had to come the next day as other shops were restricted for them.

They also worked on alcohol, first restricting it and then overflowing thirsty goyim with it. Cigarettes were often restricted and destroyed to keep the addicted goyim nervous and thirsty for a jew revolution.

Some instances of these jew tactics are shown in this compilation of jews operating in and around St. Petersburg between 1989 and 1991. Enjoy!


White Libtards Kissing Nigger Feet... and Ass

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Parkland High School Active Shooter DRILL


Dr. Larry Palevsky on Vaccines, Autoimmune Diseases and Aluminum Nanoparticles


White Liberals Confronted with Reality

White_BLM_Supporters_Told_to_F_Off.mp4 — Downloaded 666 times


Negroes do not want these White do-gooders, unless they can rape and rob them and leave them dead behind a dumpster. Most Whites will only learn the hard way.

Harlequin Ichthyosis Lizard Baby

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So "scientists" attribute Harlequin Ichthyosis to "incest", yet it occurs predominantly among Pakistanis and other Asians, Arabs and Jews. Somehow we are skeptical of the diagnosis. Click for more...

The Greatest Story Never Told


The Greatest Story Never Told is in our opinion the best biographical documentary on Adolf Hitler ever produced.

When Dennis Wise first created it, he sold DVD copies at his own website, however they have not been available for several years and the movie has been banned from all popular Social Media platforms on multiple occasions.

So for the last few years we hosted several copies of this video at Christogenea because to Dennis, it was more important to keep the video available than it was to worry about money.

However now the video is available on DVD once again, and our friend Dennis Wise needs our support. Please consider purchasing a copy of this video in a four-disc boxed set from Money Tree Publishing.

Conforming Walt Disney to the Interests of Judaism



In the video above, on the left is the original 1933 edition of the cartoon, and the wolf was disguised as a Jewish door-to-door salesman with a Yiddish accent. Later, Disney revised the cartoon and the wolf was transmogrified into a redneck trying to work his way through college by selling brushes.


White Lives Do Not Matter to Blacks, Part 2

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So-called "Black Lives Matter" protestors abusing a White Cuck (((Jew))) supposedly on their side.

White Lives Do Not Matter to Blacks, Part 1

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