New Hate and Old: The Changing Face of American White Supremacy

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This is a copy of the recent ADL report "New Hate and Old:The Changing Face of American White Supremacy". It is posted here because Christogenea received a gratuitous mention among the list of "groups" attending the Charlotesville rally in August of 2018, as if Christogenea is an activist organization, which it is not. Rather, we were there with the League of the South, and a few of our friends were there with us, but not under a "Christogenea" banner. The ADL must have only gleaned the information from the website. In relation to current Christian Identity teachers, the write-up on Christian Identity on pp. 54-55 mentions only circus clowns.

To us, these reports are the ADL's way of subverting public opinion away from examining facts objectively so that truth may be brought to light. That is what jews do naturally, they lie because they hate truth. They twist and pervert everything they represent in their endeavor to make any opposition to Jewish world supremacy look like "hate". The ADL only pretends to be an objective organization. In fact, it is a front group running cover for history's oldest criminal enterprise, which is Jewry, the Synagogue of Satan.