100 Proofs that the Israelites were White, Part 4



Jacob's Seed was prophesied to spread across the whole world. So what people have actually accomplished this in history? We also examine all the early migrations of the lsraelites starting from the Exodus to the later deportations, showing that they really did spread everywhere. Particularly spreading into Europe.

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  • Danaus and the Danaan Greeks
  • Danaans, Acheans, Argives, Myceneans,
  • Cadmus the Phoenicians and the Phoenician Alphabet
  • Darda, Dardanus and Dardania
  • Tros, Troy and the Trojans
  • Tyre, Sidon and the Phoenicians
  • Carthage, Iberia, Gaul, Albion, Hibernia
  • The Dorian invasions and the Spartans, Macedonians
  • The Romans from the Trojans, from Zarah.
  • The Parthians from the deported Lost Tribes.


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