RamzPaul is a Jew



Some apologists for RamzPaul think he is only trolling, or joking here. But who would make such an admission of Jewish ancestry and dismiss it as a joke, unless it were true? RamzPaul has admitted that his mother is a Jewess, by her DNA haplogroup. Jared Taylor and the Council of Conservative Citizens are all quite Kosher anyway, so RamzPaul's confession that he is Jewish cannot really matter to them. But here he comes out of the closet and admits both his Jewish heritage, and his enmity for White Nationalism.

Here RamzPaul candidly talks about some of the reasons for his issues with the Daily Stormer. Because of those issues, RamzPaul basically admits having a contempt for White Nationalism. But consider this. While the Daily Stormer is a popular White Nationalist website, the Stormer by itself is not "White Nationalism". It is only one White Nationalist website.

White Nationalism is a concept which has been around for many decades before the Daily Stormer came along, and there are many White Nationalists and organizations that have long existed apart from the Stormer, and continue to do so.  If RamzPaul had issues with the Daily Stormer, he would only have flipped off the Daily Stormer, or perhaps its founder, Andrew Anglin.

So with this something else becomes clear: RamzPaul actually has issues with Whites. By flipping off White Nationalists, and admitting his own Jewish ancestry, RamzPaul is really admitting an enmity for Whites in general, and not only those at the Daily Stormer. RamzPaul is just another infiltrating Jew looking to control the conservative dialogue and pull Whites into a rabbit hole safe for the Jews. The Daily Stormer actually baited RamzPaul to come out of the closet, and he did. So we thank them for that.

Obama Calls African Americans Mongrels on The View



This proves that Obama is a racist. If one recognizes that there are people who are mongrels, one must be a racist!

Lavoy Finicum Murdered by Government Thugs


Why "They" Attack White People