100 Proofs that the Israelites were White, Part 7



The Hebrew word Adam has a special meaning. It means to blush, to show blood in the face, to be ruddy, or red. Clearly Adam has a certain appearance, as did his descendants which would be recognizable to this day.

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Meaning of Adam
H119 Adam – Verb: To show blood in the face; to blush or flush; to turn rosy. To be (dyed or made) red.
H120 Adam – Noun: Adamkind; a man or woman descended from Adam and Eve.
H121 Adam – Proper Noun: The first man Yahweh God created; the man, the person, the individual who was called Adam; the patriarch of our Adamic race.
H122 Adam – Adjective: A ruddy or red complexion.

Meaning of Adamaw
H127 - Noun: Red soil, red earth; land, earth, ground, country, husbandmen.

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