Arnold Schwarzenegger Inverts Reality

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Here Arnold brags about the iron bars he resisted. But his pain was only for his own fame and glory, and in that endeavor he has never really resisted anything but an iron bar. Perhaps nobody ever took his ass, but instead, he gave it up willingly. Arnold is a sell-out who has loved the world and its rewards, and by those same rewards he counts victory and success. So now he seeks to defend the system and the devils who rewarded him, and betrays the fact that the devil is his master. In reality, he is a complete failure who never resisted evil. Here Arnold also despises the struggles of his own fathers, and in the end, his own fathers will despise him.

The way of the weak is to love the world and go along with it in order to reap its worldly rewards. That is Arnold's way. The true way of strength is to love God, to keep His commandments, to love and defend one's own people, to honor one's father in spite of success or failure, and to resist the devil. Arnold looks, sounds and acts tough, but he is really just a vain fop and a marshmallow. We can only wonder how Conan the Geriatric is going to be compensated for his new role as Shabbos Goy.

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Below: Arnold Schwarzenegger at a yacht party, reportedly in 1979. He had already been dating Maria Shriver since 1977, although they were not married by government and worrldy standards until 1986.

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