Charles Fucktard Jap lover Follow-up

Charles Fockaert (Fucktart) never sent me $200 in a single month in his life. He didn't even make enough money teaching English to gooks in Korea to allow him to do that. That is what he was doing when he found Christogenea. He was a deadbeat dad who escaped supporting his child/children by fleeing to Korea. So when he "met" me on line, I always encouraged his return, and ultimately he did. 

How much money can you make teaching gooks in Korea? Experienced teachers can apparently make up to 2.7 million Korean won a year:

But 2.7 million Korean won is currently only a little over $2,000:

So I do not know how or why Charles sent me as much as he did.He must have been grifting while he was there, like he does here. I guess he made some money helping other deadbeat dads escape the courts here and work in gookland for pennies each day. 

Back in 2011-2012, Fucktart sent me about $100 a month for a year or maybe a bit longer, I forget. I say "about $100" because that is always what he sent, but I do not remember whether or not he sent it every month. However at the time I also made him a couple of websites in return, without compensation, even if I did not like his content, and he did not have the skills to use the websites I made for him, which were based on a popular CMS called Joomla. (Wordpress was horrible in those days, always subject to getting hacked, so I avoided it.) One of them was, a site which is broken as I write this. Here is an archive page , evidently captured in October of 2021. 

Charles' websites never really took off, and when he moved back to the U.S. he stopped supporting Christogenea financially, because he himself had financial challenges. He hadn't yet struck it rich by scamming a widow (he lost a resulting lawsuit). In 2013, Charles departed from Christogenea. Charles only departed for ONE REASON, because he had begun a vocation as an agent reselling silver and gold coins for their numismatic value (rather than there actual value), and my opinion was against that as a vocation which is viable for Christians. I am still of that opinion, James 5 and 1 Peter 1. When I did those podcasts, Charles had whined about them amd fell away from Christogenea, because they obviously hit him in the purse. But I cannot help that, because we must put Yahweh our God first.  

Charles is blatantly lying about Lulu had NEVER charged anyone to publish a book. It has always had the same financial model for its authors: Upload a PDF, design a cover, and they will print it whenever you get orders through their storefront or other sources. Lulu DOES charge for certain author services, like cover design or editing, but I never needed and never used any of those services. You might pay a few bucks for special features, like an ISBN number, or getting your books into Barnes & Noble or other bookstores. But getting on Amazon is free, so that I did do, once, and it was a mistake. 

Here is a July, 2009 blogpost, before the Christogenea New Testament was published, which serves to prove that there were no upfront costs for publishing at Lulu at that time, aside from the extra things I just mentioned: (screenshot) This alone proves beyond doubt that Fucktart is a liar.