Jonathan Greenblatt "Antizionism is genocide"

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From Daniel Concannon on Gab, @KeepNHGranite:

The CEO of White Genocide - a man who recoils in horror at the mere notion of White collective interest - insists that any opposition to Jewish nationalism (Zionism) is...


This is the same man who:

~ Opposes the existence of White people
~ Would be apoplectic at the proposal of a White state
~ Would call the existence of a White state "genocide"
~ Calls White Genocide and the Great Replacement "conspiracy theories"
~ Says 'It's Okay To Be White' and 'White Lives Matter' are "hate speech"

You can call it hypocrisy, you can call it chutzpah - but for him it's his life's work. He doesn't simply "advocate Jewish interests" - he proactively spearheads the War On White People.

Jonathan Greenblatt isn't stupid - he's a professional liar eminently aware of exactly what he's doing.

Perhaps that's why every major news network continues warmly hosting this five-star Anti-White general and broadcasting his Nosferatu-looking face across civilization; mutual respect among professional liars.

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