Left Coast Cuck Agitates in Flyover Country

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So this cuck named Rob Bliss, who describes himself as a Los Angeles-based film producer, stood for three days in Harrison, Arkansas and held a sign in support of "Black Lives Matter". Clearly agitating good, hard-working White people, many of whom are fully aware of the Marxist-Communist agenda behind the "BLM" leaders and its so-called "movement", he recorded the repsonses he recieved so that he can demonize the people of the town as "racist", and the town itself as "America's most racist".

If this dirtbag Leftist really cared about black lives, you would think he would be off somewhere actually helping black "people". Why isn't he in Baltimore, Philadelphia or Chicago, helping the black "people" in those places who from day to day shoot and kill each other as well as many Whites with alarming frequency. But instead, he is only another actor playing a role in the agenda to push White America down the path to Communism, as if that were the answer to black criminality.

We salute the brave souls in Harrison, Arkansas who stood up to this cretin and told him how they really felt. Whites in America have every right to be incensed by black demands for entitlements, and the dismal failure of blacks in general to produce anything worthy of their sustenance.       

The above video is an adaptation of the original Youtube video published by Bliss, which is seen below.

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