Oulu, Finland City Council Takes Firm Measures in Midst of Immigrant Rape Crisis

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Of course, the title above is a weak attempt at sarcasm. But it is not half as weak as this attempt by the Oula, Finland City Council to put an end to the immigrant rape crisis - by dancing and singing a children's rhyme. Muslim immigrants, animals devoid of human value who only seek to conquer Finland and destroy or pollute the European people as a whole, do not have any care for weak pleas such as "stop" and "don't touch me". What happened to that generation of Finnish men who defeated the Soviet armies less than a hundred years ago? Is this the best that modern Finnish men can do in the face of a new invasion which is just as hostile? Or are there any men left in Finland at all? The immigrant beasts will laugh at the "no-no square" and Finnish women will continue to suffer while their men do nothing to protect them.

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