We Wuz Kangz - Oy Vey Edition

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It is not enough for Jews to claim they are Hebrews, Israelites, and the source of Christianity. Now they want to take full credit for the founding of all Western Society. Their lies become more and more audacious with every passing generation. See the video, and the atricle at the University of California at Santa Barbara titled Bernard-Henri Lévy Explains Judaism’s Role in the World [Screenshot]

Once everyone is a nigger, given the current pace of race-mixing, everyone would probably believe that. But there is a God. You lose. Jews.

Jews are also history's worst comedians. When we explain the Jewish influence behind the French and Bolshevik Revolutions, we are accused of Antisemitism. But we are not laughing.

It's as if the Jews can not understand that we really can see right through their attemtps to whitewash their treachery. Are they really that stupid? Or just that wickedly bold? We know the answer, and so did Adolf Hitler. See The Protocols of Satan at Christogenea.org.